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Quilts For Sale by American Quilters

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Yellow Chevron Quilt thimbleberry camp quilt Dizzi Diamonds Quilt for Sale Pineapples Paradise Quilt Chocolate Propeller Quilt - 94" x 104" Walk Around the Block quilt Christmas Orbs quilt Stepping Stones in Batik quilt Purple Full Bloom Quilt 94" x 94" Cotton Reel Scrap Quilt Dragon Flower Quilt 64" x 92"Midnight Deer Quilt 60" x 80" Scoot yer Boots Quilt 75" x 75" Playful Ponies quilt Irish Springtime Quilt Heart Flowers Quilt Triangle Frenzy quilt Barbwire quilt Farmer's Green Quilt 60" x 60" On the Fram (red) Quilt 58" x 58" Cowboys At Play quilt Rise 'n Shine Rooster Quilt Down on the Farm Quilt Garden Trellis quilt Paisley Love Knot Bountiful Harvest Quilt 62" x 60"

Our quilts make wonderful gifts!

Check back often to see new quilts, which are continually added throughout the year. We have something just for you, or for gifting to someone special!