Japanese Sampler Quilt 68.75" x 94"

Japanese Sampler Quilt
by Judy Hopkins

Twin Quilt 68.75" x 94"

This quilt was made by the late Judy Hopkins, a prolific quilt maker and quilt book author, and is a companion to her Japanese Susan's Squares Quilt. The quilt is approximately twin bed sized.

This quilt was inspired by a Judy Forrest quilt of the same name which first appeared in Judy's book Triangle-Free Quilts and later in Judy's last book, the Big Book of Patchwork. Julie Kimberlin hand quilted it in March 2004 but it was not finished until February 2011 when it was bound by Judy's close friend Sarah Kaufman.

Quilt Detail

Quilt Back

Quilt Detail - Back Label

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